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A simple way to support students' academics, activities & athletics

Businesses, parents, teachers, coaches and entire communities can provide resources, through everyday living, for all students to have a complete education (academics, activities and athletics).

Follow the giveback2schools journey

Coin route

#1 Download app and create profile

#2 Designate school/group(s) to receive 'givebacks'

#3 Shop at partnering businesses

#4 Don't see your favorite business? No worries. It's super easy for them to sign up!


#1 Sign Up

#2 Select a 'giveback' percentage

#3 Enioy and benefit from new and existing consumers


#1 Sign up schools, groups, clubs, and organizations

#2 Promote through events, games, TV & digital billboards and social word-of-mouth

#3 Watch the 'giveback' report card and win!

Who & Why?

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We are Challenging the Current Fundraising Model!

The traditional model places the burden on parents, family, friends & teachers. Most product sales produce a low return and events are a challenge due to lack of time or scheduling conflicts. We are connecting the dots between Community, Businesses & Schools to create loyalty.

The Change is Now

As parents, business owners, coaches & teachers, we have "been there, done that, and have the t-shirts!" We are ready for a change. Our commitment is to the students, allowing them to have a complete education; academics, activities and athletics. Reduce the added burden on families, students & teachers. Our change will allow you to ...

Just live. We give.™

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Take Action Now

We are excited to be part of a growing community that is dedicated to making a difference. We believe we have built a product that will achieve the goal, and put time back in your day.