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The Solution

Giveback2schools is the simple, friction-free solution to fundraising for school academics, activities and athletics. Nothing extra to buy or sell. No additional time commitments.

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Coming August 15

The Simplicity of the Solution

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  • Download app and create profile.

  • Select schools and groups for support.

  • Eat, shop or use GB2S professionals.

  • Pay with a linked Visa or Mastercard.

  • Generate Funds!

  • Sign up to be represented on the application.

  • Select a percentage to be given back from consumer transactions.

  • Enjoy and benefit from hyper-local, cause-driven consumers.

  • Sign up your school groups, clubs and organizations.

  • Promote thru events, games, tv & digital billboards, emails, text, social & word-of-mouth.

  • Focus on well-rounded education rather than raising funds.

Connecting Community: Consumers, Businesses, & Schools

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Old-School Fund Raising

Traditional fundraising places the burden on parents, family, friends & educators. Most product sales produce a low return and events are a challenge due to lack of time or scheduling conflicts. We are connecting the dots between the community, businesses and schools to create loyalty.

New Community Commitment

Our community connection reduces the added burden on families, students and teachers. Businesses appreciate this loyal, cause-driven audience and the giveback2schools program provides businesses with a sustainable way to support the schools.

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Take Action Now

Giveback2schools is growing! For information on how to bring our program to your community next, see the link below.