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The mission of giveback2schools is very simple, like the solution itself.

We share the widely-accepted belief that extra-curricular activities help students to become better, well-rounded adults and future workers through their participation. Funding of these activities and experiences falls outside of current school budgets.

Our team, in the role of parent, grandparent, educator, or coach, has experienced raising funds for school activities, athletics, or classroom and educational basics.

We have sold chocolate bars, coupon cards, holiday wrapping paper, and even mattresses. We have supervised car washes where more water landed on kids than cars. We have rushed home from work on a Monday night to attend a restaurant event.

We have owned local businesses and know the desire to say ‘yes’ to every request for school support, only to understand that is not possible… (until now!)

Our experiences made our mission simple:

  • Take the pressure off the same group of parents, family, and friends to buy or sell unwanted or untimely products in order to support extra-curricular activities and give families back their valuable time.

  • Provide local businesses a solution to support schools that is virtually unlimited because it creates mutual loyalty and rewards consumer transactions. Design that solution in a way that does not require training, IT or POS changes, allowing more rewards to go directly to the school groups their consumers wish to support.

Simple mission. Simple solution. We believe giveback2schools will reward our communities, consumers, businesses and schools, and provide a way to achieve the ultimate goal,  STUDENTS WIN!

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